Does it really matter who we once were?

The concept slapped me upside the head this morning with this graphic, that showed up on my Facebook wall.

whowewereThere’s this elemental truth to the concept that we all carry around a lot of luggage, or baggage, we might not need to carry. Of course, that same truth is spoken and understood when we realize that the person we are today was determined by our experiences from yesterday. And who among us might have known then, that we would be limping along now because we stepped on those stones?

Yet, with each and every step we take, we bear the weight of the world we’ve traveled through.

Dare we let it roll away?

If you were to take a glimpse at the world to come, as the person you are today, without carrying that load into the future, what would it look like?

I had a conversation yesterday with my pastor, friend, Steven Grant, and he said, “God will take you where He wants you to be.”

Before I get into a discussion of that concept, I want to let you know that I fully and completely believe we have free will, and we decide which roads we travel. I don’t believe destiny is a fate over which we have no control.

I do however, believe that God will take us where He wants us to be. I believe he will mold our lessons, our experiences, and our adventures, to give us the strengths, wisdom, and knowledge necessary to achieve the purpose for which we are born.

Life gives us opportunities. Choices, if you will, to make that mold our eventual purpose, into whatever we make of it. And I truly believe we have a choice to accept the purpose for which we are born… or decline it, and choose otherwise. Our lives may not have the same meaning and fulfillment if we decline the purpose for which we’re born, but I do believe it is our choice. Experiences Quote

When we realize the importance of the choices we make, and how they will affect our lives over the long haul… We begin to make those choices from a different perspective.

As a young woman, I remember looking at my life and thinking how important it was for me to find satisfaction, to gain presence in my life, and to be the person I believed God intended me to be. I remember how important I believed it was to live a life filled with purpose and value, and pursue those experiences that would give me wisdom and strength.


There came a point in life when it was no longer about me.

My life, the breath I took, the experiences I had, were no longer about me.

The significance of that realization escaped me for a while as I learned the value of thinking outside myself. Of thinking about those who were around me, who cared about me, of those beyond my reach. I began to think of opportunities and how they could benefit others.

What does it mean to make a difference?

Who knew ten years ago, where life would take me? I remember struggling with the first open door, and when I walked through it appeared to be a gigantic meadow of perfection. Ten years of learning. Ten years of growing, and becoming, and adventuring forth into the unknown.

I’ve been to distant places and found my way home.

I’ve traveled through the darkness alone, and survived.

I’ve lived in the light and been blessed.

God has opened an incredible door… And here I am, looking out into the distance, through that door at the miracles that can be wrought… Wondering. Should I step through the door, or should I hold onto the familiar, as the floor chips away behind me… I step forward to the security of the open door, and the knowledge that God will take me where He wants me to be.

What about you?

What does your future hold?

Share your story below… I want to know.

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