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Tired of face plants, frustration and not getting the results you want from your website? I can help. With little changes, a quality design website and updates (anyone) you can do as you grow your business each week online, your website can have BIG impact on the global market, or your hometown business.  If you’re tired of the frustration and just want someone to get it done, check it over and do the maintenance necessary to keep your site up and running – here’s a little program that will rock your socks off and cool your toes in the gentle summer breezes, might even keep you warm in the winter.

Java with JanSit back, kick up your feet and have a Java with Jan, while we sort out your website issues and fix your professional cross hairs on a site that will generate traffic, profit and a whole new spectrum of business for your online marketing program. Whether you’re marketing a multi-level business, a party plan, or your own business online, the best deals you’ll find online come with a training package that helps you to do some of your own marketing through your website and the know-how and team marketing strategy that will put your business on the map, so people can find your front door.

This Complete SEO Optimized Site with a full marketing strategy package includes enough training to help you do weekly updates on your own website and teaches you how to create a profitable marketing strategy – AND does the required marketing that your business online needs to success, and offers you the opportunity to sign in for regular details and updates by our professional staff.

Sue G. says, “I can assure you there won’t be a better price all year, nor will there be a better online marketing option, than you’ll get right here, online with Jan. I’ve spent some serious dollars on websites this past three years, and the best value I’ve had for my money is when I hired Jan to put my website online and maintain it. Her maintenance and blogging fees are phenomenal!”
Tammy A. tells everyone, “Jan was amazing, she designed headers, sidebars, graphics and updated the language we sent her for the website to optimize the search engine performance and marketability of our website, then she put out ads, banners and articles that had our business filling up the first three pages of Google within a few weeks. Everyone knew who we were and what our business provided, just by searching responsive keyword phrases that sent them to our website. Online with Jan is unbelievable!”

Below you’ll find specifics including costs and the Complete SEO Marketing Site Special – don’t miss out on this one.

Welcome Page –

  • Header graphic with contact details and keyword optimized title and sub-headers.
  • Organized information pages and menus for promotion of products and services
  • Detailed sidebars with specific logos and information included.
  • Content and Press Release Options for Archived information.
  • A – Blog – for detailed information and marketing projects (helps with Search Engine Optimization).


5 Additional Pages –

  • These pages will be the definition of the pages listed on the welcome page, including the blog – which will ultimately be a quantified LIST of pages revealing archives of activities the company has completed.
  • All pages will include the header/sidebars, to keep track of details and information readers on each page need access to.
  • Footer will include continuation of site data and information.


Hosting Package –


Total for SEO Site Special ——————— $3090.00

With a $95.00 preferred customer discount ——————— $2995.00


You can stop there and get JUST THE WEBSITE for an annual fee of $2995.00 (THIS does NOT include the Marketing Package Below) or you can continue reading and see what a great deal this can be to include the Marketing Strategy Package.

This is a one time only option – you won’t always have the option to get THIS website package FREE with a 2 year contract, discussed below.

We will increase your visibility online, both in the local markets and global markets, improving conversion rates, building repeat traffic and generating a recognizable brand for your business.

  1. We increase your traffic using search engine optimization and ninja marketing strategies that get your website and your business seen online.
  2. We integrate social media marketing programs into your daily marketing routine to motivate instant response purchasing patterns and strategies from the social markets.
  3. We design an email marketing program that improves the return on investment from your marketing dollars. (Every business needs a list and recall market!)
  4. We spotlight your image, freshening your presentation for greater overall visibility and recognition, both online and in the local market.
  5. We coordinate and optimize your printed and virtual media marketing programs to improve your profit margins.

Are you ready?

If you’re ready to get started – click the button below and you’ll receive a phone call, or email, within 24 hours, to get your site started.

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Note: This subscription includes a 2 year contract and a website (described above including hosting packages and maintenance).

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