If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the realities of life, there are ways to make you feel more in charge and change your world. You know you can’t live successfully, in a happy life with all the strife of dealing with other people’s issues, or even when you’re just overwhelmed with your own issues. So, there’s got to be a change. Make that change, but putting your foot down on the problem.

1 – Refuse to settle for mediocrity.

You don’t always have to fix what is broken, but when you realize that everything that surrounds you is mediocre, and just not up to par… Change it. Start over. Create something of value, something worth having, by going the extra distance to make it better. Don’t settle for second best or the old “just enough to get by.” Give yourself a reason to get up in the morning. Strive for excellence!
Change Your World

2 – End that old negative thinking bit.

The struggle is real, and negativity of all kinds barks at your door. You don’t have to let it in. Send it away and think about the positives. Stand up for yourself and be the sunlight in your own life. Think positive, and be assured that you’re headed the right direction. As you find your own positive normal, you’ll be influencing others too. You can be an influencer. In my book “Become an Influencer in Your Niche” I share the Proverbs 31 Woman and how her best was not achieved through negative assertions, but rather by stepping outside the expectations of average. She raised a KING. You too can be royalty and raise a King or Queen. It’s a choice you make to take on the world and shine a positive light.

3 – Leave unhealthy relationships behind.

I recently called an old friend who reminded me that when people start putting you down, it’s more often than not a feeling of jealousy that they are expressing. They’re jealous of your success in life. For about half a minute I struggled with that concept, because I had been convinced by the other person that I somehow hadn’t lived up to her expectation. WOW! What a recoil. The realization that her expectation was misconceived relieved me of the weight of HER burdens. I could step over her misconceived notion of who I was supposed to be and feel confident in the woman I am, because I’m right where God put me.

I’m strong, confident, and amazing.

Unhealthy relationships are generally related to someone else’s displaced expectations of your norm. They weigh you down with jealousy, and beat you into submission if you allow them to. But you don’t have to meet their expectations for your life. Walk away from those who don’t accept you as the person God has created you to be. Leave unhealthy relationships behind. You are exquisite, perfectly made in God’s image, and YOU are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

4 – Be a person of integrity.

Value yourself and others enough to be authentically yourself. Transparency matters in relationships, and if you’re not transparent, you are the person you’re hurting. Authenticity means that your wear spots will show a little, the parts of you that aren’t exactly perfect will shine through, and those who know you will love you anyway. Be an authentic person of integrity.

5 – Take the first step always.

Everyone sets goals and decides at some point or other to achieve something… But then they often wait for it to happen. Don’t wait. Take the first step. Because once you’ve taken that first step, you’ll take the second. And the third step is easier yet, and you’ll keep going, because you took action and took that first step.

When you set out to achieve your goals, the first thing you really must do is start taking action. Sometimes you don’t have all the steps in place when you start, just a goal. But with action come the logical steps to make necessary changes and achieve your ultimate goal. Take action, get started, and the rest will fall into place.

6 – Follow the 5 second rule.

Did you ever drop a piece of toast with jelly on it and the jelly side lands down? Of course it does. And now you have to clean up the mess. Hurry up and get it done, but use hot water. Seriously. Sugar comes off and out faster, with hot water. But the five second rule still applies – you have to grab it, get it off the floor, and remove the offending slice of toast. (I know, you thought I was going to say you could still eat it. HA) The point is, you’re going to make some quick moves to fix the problem.

The same 5 second rule applies to having a great idea. TAKE ACTION. Don’t wait. When you have a great idea, take immediate action. If it takes you more than five seconds to make the first action, chances are pretty good that you’ll be gripping the side of your chair, still sitting there when someone else takes off and runs to success with YOUR IDEA. You waited too long.

The reality. If you take action fast, and it isn’t meant to be, you’ll find out just as fast. There will be a realization that this isn’t the right move, and you can stop. You really don’t have to continue pursuing a failure. You can STOP.

7 – Recognize your choices and follow through.

In these days of escaping hurricanes, fires, and natural disasters, the process of making a choice and then following it through is important. You can’t fix what you don’t recognize. And you don’t want to be a victim, so you really do need to make some good choices and follow through with action.

Know this… You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you’re stuck rereading the last one. Let’s do this!

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