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Market Yourself!

market yourself

How do you represent yourself? Do you sell yourself short? Or do you manage to look really cool in a room full of strangers?

One of my best friends online comes across as a silly cheerleader with a room full of adoring fans on the internet, but she sells herself, her market, and her product with ‘glee’ appeal. She grows an audience based on her product, but the audience responds to *her*.

Occasionally, she posts a link to her product. But before she posts any links, she talks about all the fun she’s having shopping at the site, visiting friends at the site, spending days with her buddies running around, and asking people to share their ideas about what she’s selling. She markets herself before the site.

How can you make this work for you?

  1. Talk about what  you’re doing.
  2. Share where you are.
  3. Invite others to comment on products  you use.
  4. Bring your readers to the event.
  5. Share your thoughts.

These are just five things you can do with social media before you share the links you’re marketing.

Bring in the bright and shiny things, show those off, and move beyond that to the part where you share yourself. Don’t just share the bright and shiny – SHARE YOU.


It’s about the relationship

relationship marketing

No matter how many times you post on your social media every day, the resulting market success is dependent on your relationship with other social media people.

A few days back, I mentioned on my wall that I’d be ‘shut down’. There was mass pandemonium and reaction from the people on my facebook wall. The reason is, I have a relationship with all those people. If I disappear, they miss me.

But that phase of existence isn’t about me. It’s about them.

If I’m invisible to them, then they must be invisible to me. They realize that and send me messages to let me know they still see me, because seeing me is being seen. As trivial as that process is, three year olds get it, the reality is, being seen is important to all of us. We want to be seen and recognized for who we are.


On social media, we must uncover our eyes, so others can know that we see them.

Go to their page and comment, not just on your page, and make a conversation come to life, because you stopped by.