Randomly, I get to share something so significant that I feel like it might be a bit overwhelming. And this may be it… I know, it’s pretty intense.

I’m going to cut to the chase and give you the step-by-step directions on how to use this business model for startups. Because quite honestly, if you need more than that to pull this together, we need to do a consult.

When you get this Business Model, I know you’re going to be pretty jazzed, because it’s a thrilling moment, to get the full-on step-by-step plan in one simple outline. Anyone can do startups with this business model.

But, here it is.

1. Become so totally enamored and knowledgeable about your area of interest that you can solve any problem that might arise. You need to know this information inside/out. And be able to talk about it, fluently.

2. Orient yourself into the program so that you can flush out any problems and offer air-tight solutions. This is an in-depth level of exposure that will take you deep into the program you’re going to present to your readers.

3. Validate and prove your expertise in the program by writing content, and building a solid platform of information that allows you to share your expertise, and attract a given message about this program.

4. Know, ask, and answer the three biggest questions within your platform. Ask them, and answer them in your FAQ pages. Be sure to give as complete an answer as possible and share the whole value of your work, because once you know it this well, it’s okay to share everything with your audience. They’ll need more of your expertise.

5. Set up a landing page where you can signin subscribers to your program. This is the most important step you will take, because without subscribers to your email messages in this niche, there isn’t really a viable business. Be sure you’re getting subscribers.

a) use a squeeze page split test to find out what the biggest problems are and what problems get the biggest result.
b) activate your marketing plan for both squeeze pages, personalized to the audience.

Be sure you read through this business model for startups, and before you start adding content get those squeeze pages set up. You’ll want to grab that traffic from the beginning.

Do this!

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