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Mondays are optional

Something about a Monday…

The rest of the world runs on a Monday sort of calendar, and for much of my life I’ve done the same… But there’s just something about Mondays. Something seriously broken about the way people react to the return to the working world of Monday morning. I don’t know if it’s really the day of […]


I really love Sunday morning Coffee…

Some Sunday mornings, I get to just kick back and relax in the presence of the Lord, and today is one of those days. My cup is full of coffee, my Bible is handy, and I’ve been studying as I edit a book for some good friends… Reviewing Nehemiah, in the process of editing. But […]


When you have the writer’s block…

This morning after  my usual routine, I sat down at the computer to finish a project and the words just weren’t there. Then the phone rang, my son was sharing something about his day, my daughter called to tell me about her day, and I got off the phone feeling a little bit discouraged. They’d […]

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Writing my story…

Why would you read it? I was told once,  unless you’re a mass murderer, your Granny ran a brothel, or you have invented the cure for the big C nobody wants to read your bio. Don’t bother to write one.  One of the three isn’t bad. I’ll let you guess. It all started about the […]

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